Baby Products to Avoid

While it may be hard to believe, sometimes baby products that are on the market aren’t safe at all for your little one. As a parent, add these products to your no-buy list to ensure your little one stays safe and healthy.

Baby Powder

Don’t let the name fool you – baby powder isn’t actually safe for babies at all. Baby powders can contain talc, an ingredient that can dry the skin. However, the powder can also be inhaled into a baby’s lung where it can irritate the airways. Although talc-free baby powders are on the market, baby powder still isn’t a good idea for your baby because your little one can still inhale it. For this reason, baby powder is better left to adults.

Crib Bumpers

While these decorative items may add to the overall appearance of your baby’s room, they aren’t a safe bet for babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t recommend using crib bumpers due to the risk of suffocation. Your baby can easily roll over and into the bumpers. Maryland has even outlawed the sale of crib bumpers in the state – they are best avoided.

Bumbo Seats

These cute and colorful seats are a fun way to sit your baby up – unfortunately, many parents aren’t using the seats correctly, and that makes them dangerous to the little one. For example, almost 50 infant accidents were reported due to babies being placed on kitchen countertops or dining room tables and falling. If you do purchase a Bumbo for your baby, read the directions carefully and only place the seat on the floor, not on a raised surface.

Baby Walkers

Baby walkers are those devices that you place your baby in, and it has wheels on the bottom for your baby to walk around in while supported. While it may be entertaining for you and your baby to see your little one walk before they can do so on their own, these devices unfortunately aren’t very safe. Many parents have reported accidents where babies injured themselves by rolling down a flight of stairs. An estimated 21,300 injuries are reported on a yearly basis due to baby walkers. There are better (and safer) toys out there!

Infant Bath Seats

Much like Bumbo seats, infant bath seats can be dangerous for children because the seats can tip over, resulting in drowning. These bath seats are designed to let a baby who can’t otherwise sit unsupported sit up in the bathtub. However, the seats aren’t easily secured, and parents have left babies unattended in them. This has led to more than 174 drowning deaths between 1983 and 2009, according to “Consumer Reports.”

Sleep Positioners

As a new parent, all you likely hear is about how important it is for your baby to sleep on their backs or elevated if the baby has a history of acid reflux. So the purchase of a sleep positioner may initially seem like a good idea for keeping baby perfectly positioned while sleeping. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Sleep positioners can actually lead to suffocation if your baby accidentally puts their face against the positioner or rolls free into bedding or other areas of the crib. More than 13 infant deaths have been linked with sleep positioners.