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As a new mom, you want to give your baby the best start in the world. Most of all, you want to keep them as healthy as possible. That’s why some parents feed their baby organic food and buy organic baby care products, like shampoo and baby lotion. Are these parents on to something? Is organic better for you and your baby?

What Does Organic Mean?

Organic foods are grown without synthetic pesticides and herbicides, unlike conventional foods that harbor remnants and traces of a variety of pesticides. Animals raised organically are also not exposed to antibiotics or growth hormone. What about organic personal care products for babies? Organic baby products that you place on a baby’s skin are made of organic ingredients and do not contain the harsh chemicals you find in some conventional products.

While it’s questionable whether organically grown produce is more nutritious, feeding a baby these foods may reduce their exposure to pesticides. That’s important since pesticides may be more harmful to a baby than an adult. Because a baby is growing and developing, pesticides and harmful chemicals may have more of a detrimental effect early in life than later on.

While there’s no definitive evidence that pesticide residues cause health problems, many experts believe we need more research before assuming exposure to these chemicals is safe. In animal studies, pesticide do have toxic effects, at least at high doses. Plus, some pesticides have already been banned due to links with health problems, like cancer.  A pesticide called aldicarb was recently outlawed after children and adults became ill after eating watermelon sprayed with it.

Is the Hefty Price Tag Worth It?

Organic comes at a higher price, but for some moms, the steeper price tag is worth it. Knowing you’re giving your baby organic gives you added peace of mind.

What are your options if you can’t afford it? You might not be ready to grow your own organic food to save money. However, it’s not hard to make baby care products at home, including baby lotions and other products you place on your baby’s skin.  You can buy the ingredients fairly inexpensively or even use ingredients you already have at home. You can find a variety of recipes for making baby care products online.

When you search for organic baby products online, you’ll find baby clothing, mattresses, diapers, and more. Unless you have unlimited funds, prioritize. While organic clothing and diapers might sound appealing, they probably aren’t as important as ensuring what your baby eats and the baby products you apply to their skin are safe. Keep in mind, some of the chemicals from personal care products are absorbed through the skin. So, choosing organic for these products may pay off more than dressing your baby in organic clothing.

Is Organic Better for You and Your Baby?

Organic costs a little more but spending a little extra for organic baby food and personal care products will give you added peace of mind and, if you shop around, affordable as well.


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Short Summary:


Is organic better for you and your baby? Find out why choosing organic for certain baby items might be better for your baby and what to do if organic is outside your budget.