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The moms are not the only ones experiencing the highs and lows of expecting a baby. Dads go through a lot of mental and emotional changes when waiting for the arrival of their little ones. These often lead to various psychological or even physical symptoms like stress, anxiety, nausea and even a bit of weight gain. However, like the signs of pregnancy in women, these symptoms usually subside once the baby is born. They are often attributed to various sympathetic factors that make expectant fathers go through the same emotional and physical responses like their partners; but, doctors are still trying to find out other possible causes.

temp When Your Baby’s Father Becomes Your Ex During Pregnancy

When Your Baby’s Father Becomes Your Ex During Pregnancy Your life during pregnancy is already a little topsy-turvy. Your body is changing and you’re experiencing symptoms you’ve never had before, including unpleasant ones like morning sickness. Plus, you’re feeling stressed by all of the changes …

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Postpartum Depression In Men

It is erroneously believed that postpartum depression or PPD can only occur in new mothers. But, the truth is that it can also affect new dads, usually within the first year of having a baby [1]. Feeling depressed for a few days after your little …

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